English is not my mother tongue“. This is exactly what some non-native speakers of English say to defend their ungrammatical utterances. Well, it may not; however, for academic and professional purposes, one has less choice[you will lose valuable marks in school exams and may find it sort of hard getting employed in high English usage firms] . It is a fact that in informal communications, one does not have to be a strict grammarian. For example, one can say,“ it’s me“. But in a formal English, which is actually the standard English, it is ungrammatical to say so. Instead, you say,“ it is I.” This, nevertheless, does not mean you should be overly particular about the grammar rules. All it means is for you to have mastery over at least 60% of them.

This site is expected to contain all the rules you need. We are still developing it though, loading it with all the grammatical rules there is. For now, browse through our catalogue and read as much as you can. Drop comments if you have; we will appreciate them so much.


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