DON’T SAY: I will lend your car tomorrow.
SAY: I will borrow your car tomorrow.

DON’T SAY: I will borrow you my car tomorrow.
SAY: I will LEND you my car tomorrow.

RULE: Borrow means to take something from a person temporarily ( It will be returned). Lend, on the other hand, is to  give something to a person temporarily as well. From these definitions, lend is the direct opposite of borrow. Borrow= take from. Lend= give to.
So in the 1st sentence above, I am taking the car from you; hence, ‘lend‘ is wrong to use but rather ‘borrow‘ as seen in the 2nd sentence.
In the 3rd sentence also, I am giving (to) you my car. So, ‘borrow‘ is not appropriate to use but rather ‘lend‘ since I am giving to you.
(1) Can I borrow your pen?( not lend since am taking the pen from you)
(2) My father will be glad to lend you his car.( not borrow since my father is giving to you his car)
(3) I seriously need to borrow some money. ( take money from)
(4) Don’t think Derrick will lend you any money.( give money to)

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